inspired by the movie "Hunt for Red October"; a sweater worn by Alec Baldwin in the opening scenes 

Note: Since this is a free pattern, it is written only for the one size. If you'd like it in another size, my suggestion is to find a generic turtleneck pattern in the desired size and same gauge, then just work it in the 6X2 rib.

Photo and pattern 1996 by Liz Thayer (fka Elizabeth Clouthier)
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Size: Finished measurements after blocking (washing) 48" chest, 20" sleeve (our lovely spokesmodel Tom wears the 2" cuff folded up.), 16" underarm to hem, about 26" back neck to hem. Raglan is about 10" deep. Turtleneck is 7" long.

Notes: This is a form fitting (but still loose) raglan turtleneck. Overall patterning is 6X2 rib, with 2X2 rib at hem, cuffs, & turtleneck. The overall rib makes is what makes it form fitting. The Germantown yarn is springy and the sweater looked much smaller than 48" on the needles. Once washed it relaxed to the finished measurements above. The 48" measurement is with the rib unstretched.

- 7 skeins Germantown, or about 1800 yds (est.) worsted wt wool yarn
- 29" cir ndls size 5 & 7 dpn and 16" cir ndls same sizes - scrap yarn or 5 st holders (and something to hold the first sleeve while you make the second)
- Needle for grafting, weaving ends, etc. Notes: Use whatever type/length ndls you prefer for sleeves. I can't even remember what lengths I used since I have so many...

Gauge: On size 7's, 5 st/1" over 6X2 rib, blocked. I just hand-washed it and dried it flat. 5 st/1" over plain is probably close enough.
Pattern stitches: 6X2 rib: K6, P2 2X2 rib: K2, P2


SLEEVE (make 2): With size 5, CO 56 sts. Work 2X2 rib for 2".
Change to size 7 and work 3 rounds in 6X2 rib.
Setup rnd: K1, inc1, work around in patt to last st, inc1, K last st. (Note: Keep 1st & last sts in K, work incs into 6X2 rib pattern)
Then inc 1 st each end of rnd every 6th rnd, for a TOTAL of 20 times, 96 sts.
Work 3 rnds even.
For first sleeve, slip sts onto holder so you can make the second.
Leave 2nd sleeve on the ndls.


BODY With size 5, CO 248 sts. Place marker after 124th st (halfway).
Work 2X2 rib for 2".
Change to size 7 and work in 6X2 rib until piece measures 16".


NOTE: I *did not* take time to plan the pattern joining between sleeves & body. I left it to chance. It might drive some folks nuts to have the ribs not match at the raglan points, but I didn't find it distracting.
Take body, slip 1st 4 sts on holder, work around to marker, slip 4 sts after marker onto holder. Set this marker aside.
Then take the sleeve that's still on a cir ndl, slip first 2 sts on holder, work around (adding the sleeve sts to the large cir ndl w/the body) to last 2 sts, slipping them on holder.
Then work around rest of body.
After last body st (when you run into the 4sts on a holder), slip the remaining loose sleeve onto the cir ndl that the other sleeve just vacated
Then take that sleeve, slip 1st 2 sts on a holder, and join it to the body as the first sleeve, slipping last 2 sts on holder.
There are now 424 sts on the large cir ndl (both the sleeves plus the whole body), and 4 sts from each sleeve & each side of body on holders for the underarm.
Place 4 markers as follows while working the next round:
1: Place a marker before the 1st st. This is the beginning of the round, the back right shoulder. K 1st st, work around in patt across back. K last st before sleeve starts.
2: Place marker. K 1st st after marker. Work around sleeve, K last sleeve st.
3: Place marker. K 1st st after marker. Work around front, K last body st.
4: Place marker. K 1st st after marker. Work around last sleeve, K last sleeve st.
There are 4 markers, and the sts just before & after each marker will ALWAYS be K sts.


Rnd 1: *SSK 1st 2 sts after marker, work around to last 2 sts before next marker, K2tog. Repeat from * all the way around.
Rnd 2: Work even around (keeping sts around markers as K sts). Repeat rnds 1 & 2 until there are 64 sts on front (same # on back) after working rnd 1.
Neck shaping: Start next rnd using rnd 2: work across back and 1st sleeve, then work first 18 sts of front, K2tog, slip next 24 sts on holder, SSK, work last 18 sts of front (38 sts rem on front). Finish rnd using Rnd 2.

Choice here is to start working back & forth OR keep working around adding a steek over the neck sts on holders. Whichever method you use, continue raglan dec rnds 1 & 2 while ALSO decreasing at neck edge as above on *every* rnd for 6 more times (10 sts left on each side of front after those 6 neck decs). Then continue raglan decs only until there are 40 sts on back section, 12 sts on each sleeve, and 2 sts on each side of neck on the front (68 sts tot - gee, I hope this is right!!). End after rnd 2. Stitch & cut the neck steek if necessary.


TURTLENECK NOTE: Picking up method will vary depending on which neck method you used. I'll describe the general method. With size 5, start picking up at whatever point is convenient and work around in 2X2 rib as follows: Dec 2 sts along back section (38 sts) Dec 2 sts on each sleeve (10 sts each) On front, work 1st 2 sts, pick up 12 along neck edge, work 24 held sts, pick up 12 sts on other neck edge, work last 2 sts (52 sts). This gives 110 sts total. Work in 2X2 rib for 3.5" with size 5 ndl, then change to size 7 ndls and work until turtleneck measures 7" or desired length. Bind off loosely in rib. I used a size 9 to cast off.


FINISHING Weave the 4 held arm sts to the 4 held body sts on each side. Weave in your ends and that's it!

1996 by Liz Thayer (fka Elizabeth Clouthier)
hiitsjustmee -at- yahoo -dot- com
Please respect copyright by contacting the author before distributing this pattern.